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Melanie started her Pilates journey in 1999 while completing her BA Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. Her love of all things movement based especially with attention to detail and technique had her soon training to become a Pilates teacher. Fortunate enough to do her training in an environment that was an apprenticeship style way of learning she was surrounded by experienced teachers and physiotherapists who helped shape the teacher she is today.

With now 15 years of Pilates teaching behind her she enjoys her time in the studio where she gets to help people improve their pain levels and give them back the confidence to move freely. She is passionate about educating clients and teachers on how to look after their bodies for the long term.
Her experience includes working with clients who have been referred from allied medical practitioner’s, along with clients needing to improve functional movements for specific sports.

In addition to her Pilates training Melanie runs a pre requisite Anatomy course for people wanting to become Pilates teachers, holds a Cert 4 in Work Place Training and Assessment and a Certificate 4 in Personal Training and lectures on the Evolved Pilates Level 2 APMA teacher training course. In 2017 she was invited to sit on the APMA Council and Education Commitee and is a Level 4 APMA member.



Rachael first discovered Pilates after sustaining an injury that required specific rehabilitation. She was intrigued and inspired by a method of movement therapy that was so detailed and intricate.
Rachael has just completed 2 years of study, encompassing 430 hours of mat and studio training. She is now an APMA qualified instructor with a Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy and is looking forward to progressing her career. She is also currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Honours at Monash University.
Rachael is energetic and enthusiastic. She is passionate about client centred practice, and being able to share her knowledge with people to promote health and well being.



 Susie was first introduced to Pilates after neck and shoulder issues due to poor posture and old kayaking injuries .
With a  BSc Honours in Medical Engineering and Master by Research in Biomechanics from Scottish Universities (looking at how the human body moves and interacts with its surrounding environment and what we can do to aid in rehabilitation) she has previously worked in a Clinical Gait and movement Analysis Service in Melbourne analysing patients walking abilities. During this time she worked within a multi-disciplinary team prescribing treatment and interventions  to improve patients walking using specialised motion analysis equipment.
A natural progression with her Medical engineering background and love of Pilates found Susie   going on to study the  Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy through the APMA.
Having now completed over 200 hours of supervised teaching in mat and studio Pilates Susie enjoys relating Pilates movement and philosophies into every day lives and activities.
When she isn’t teaching Susie is kept busy with her  2 girls aged 7 and 9 years  enjoying the outdoors, teaching them Pilates and watching them grow up with her Partner Drew.
 Her latest hobby is Stand Up Paddle boarding  getting to explore the beautiful beaches of Mornington and Mt Eliza and putting her Pilates to good use.
“ Have been doing Pilates for over 10 years,  I believe it’s the best foundation you can give your body to enable it to do the the many other varied things we do in our lives.  Whether we have injury, other issues, or are feeling happy and healthy,  Pilates is a great tool for our body and mind”



Sam’s love of Pilates began on the Mornington Peninsula 11years ago, after taking some time out from a demanding corporate career whilst managing a foot injury.

Sam studied classical and modern dance from the age of 8 until she was 16, and later dedicated her spare time as a young Mum (of one) to her health and fitness, attending group fitness and gym training sessions. Sam completed her Fitness and Group Instructor Training 23 years ago.

Pilates became a natural progression for Sam; it fitted in with her goals to find a lifelong physical activity that related more to her. She was seeking an exercise method that could provide a more centred focus an ongoing maintenance therapy for her mind, body and spirit. She also wanted to achieve an evenly conditioned body, improve her knowledge of her own physical capabilities and prevent further injury.

Sam later completed her Certificate IV in Pilates Instructor Training.

Sam’s initial studies led her to realise a deeper interest in client specific Pilates Movement Therapy.

“I soon realised there was more I wanted to give to my future clients, working further into understanding and analysing movement, individual posture, strength and conditioning needs. Having the opportunity to work in with other Allied Health Professionals to achieve individual client goals is very exciting.”

Sam then commenced further studies with the APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association) in their Level 2 Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy Certification. Hence, Sam has over 300 hours of teaching experience and almost 400 hours of further study requirements behind her, under the guidance of the most talented and experienced APMA teachers on the Mornington Peninsula.

Throughout her former career as a Vocational Educator and Trainer in the Business and Retail sectors, Sam had always enjoyed working with people to help them be the best they could be. In her role as a Pilates Instructor, she also recognises her inner urge to give back, knowing how much the Pilates Method has given her personally.

Sam sees her role in teaching client centred practice as an absolute pleasure, a valuable opportunity to connect with and educate clients about their own bodies and how it is possible to live fuller lives through more focus, confidence and efficient pain free movement.

“I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to have such an interesting and rewarding career within my Pilates teaching. No one client is the same and I love that. My constant aim is to make every client experience an enjoyable one.”

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