New to Sanctuary

What to wear
Comfortable stretchy clothing that allows you to move freely. Pilates grip socks are to be worn for Pilates Studio classes for hygiene and safety, these are for sale in the studio for $15 a pair.

What to bring
Your completed PAQ to give to your teacher before class so we can read through and give you any specific advise that you will need in the class. Depending on your answers you may need a doctors letter before you attend class.

Download your PAQ sheet here

Drink bottle, and don’t forget to hydrate before your class and a snack but not a full meal straight before your class is a good idea.

Small towel

When you arrive
If you are attending a class during Lotus operating hours enter via the main door.
For classes held before or after Lotus ‘ opening hours, Sanctuary’s entrance is via the side gate and through the rear entrance to the building.
The rear door will be locked on commencement of class so be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes before class commencement.

Please turn all mobile devices off before you enter the studio. And we ask you to respect our neighbors when entering and leaving the building by keeping the noise to a minimum.

There is plenty of parking in and around Mount Eliza shops. We request the parking spaces at the entrance to Lotus be left available for Chiropractic clients, those who are injured or coming to the clinic with small children.

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